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Show Your Resistance!

Radio Free GOP’s “resistance” logo. The classic GOP logo upside down, the international symbol for distress. All shirts are high quality American Apparel shirts, made in the USA and printed in the USA! Choose white with red ink or navy blue with white ink for formal occasions! Click here to order!

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Trump Thumpin’ and… Bob Shrum

Trump’s tax tangle and an interview with legendary Democratic consultant and speech writer Bob Shrum. Bob Shrum’s Reading List for Young Politicos A CASUAL LIST IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER Collected Speeches of Lincoln, FDR and JFK RFK, To Seek a Newer World Ronald Reagan Letters TH White, Making of the President 1960 Arthur Schlesinger, The […]

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Trump Debate Disastah!

Trump takes the bait! The one trick pony runs out of tricks! Get a fresh recap of the debate with Mike Murphy and Mark Leibovich of The New York Times Magazine, on location at a coffee shop in the heart of NYC. Hot off the presses!

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